About pyFretCalc:

pyFretCalc is a handy little fret spacing calculator for luthiers (Guitar makers). Simply enter the scale length you want and how many frets, then click on calculate

Installing pyFretCalc:

First you have to have the following software installed.

QT 3

For Linux and other *nix's just untar pyFretCalc-0.0.2.tar.gz to any directory (like $HOME/bin) and run Future releases will use some sort of packaging.

Windows/OSx users: Follow the same instructions and let me know how it works.

NOTE: The tempered functions, and printing are not working... yet :-)


Oh another reason I switched to the PyQt toolkit... Liquid Rocks!


The Sourceforge project page for pyFretCalc is here. Please use the forums there if you have any questions, bug reports, etc..

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Better site on the way! :-)